Bryan Charles Wilson

Cellist. Composer. Educator. Author.

Online session cello recordings

Bryan Charles Wilson is an accomplished cellist, composer, and arranger who offers professional cello recordings for songs, film/television, animation, theater, dance, and more. He records remotely at the Bryan Wilson Cello Studio and sends stems to clients across the globe.

Bryan has years of deep recording experience whether you have a part specifically notated for cello or you need him to compose a part specifically for your project. He is extremely versatile and a consummate professional who prides himself on fast turn around times and very satisfied clients.

The recording set up that Bryan uses delivers pristine sound. Bryan records with a MJE-v250 microphone, an API VP26 Preamp Clone, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, and Logic X.

Please contact Bryan at to discuss your project further and to get a custom quote.

Bryan has recorded remotely for the following clients: Spencer David Hutchings, Matt Mulholland, DJ Unwind, Qais Essar, Jules Born, The Evening Crane Theater, Dan Exactly, Ryan Rapsys, Tasker Morris Sounds, NYCEED, Takeshi Asai, Michael Zuko, Mat Tran Ensemble, The Big Drops, Amalgamy, Jahcobie Cosom, SagaDance Company, Gabriel Leonard, Dimitri Ehrlich, Velvet Green Music, FineTune Music, Larry Marino, Lone Wolf Tribe, Yuri Munir, Rian Bradley, Joe Sibol, Chris Young, Dan Lund, Marcio Rihass, and John Presley.

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