Bryan Charles Wilson

Cellist. Composer. Educator. Author.

New Daughter and Album, Kaia, by Bryan Charles Wilson

On January 26, 2018 we at Bryan Wilson Cello Studio welcomed Bryan Wilson and Bui Tuyet Minh's beautiful daughter, Kaia Minh Wilson, into the world!

Kaia means Ocean, Earth, and Nothing is impossible. Minh means Light in Vietnamese. Kaia Minh means Ocean of Light.

She is the first child of cellist/composer, Bryan Charles Wilson. He began crafting songs for his daughter to listen to as soon as he knew his wife, Minh, was pregnant. It was a spiritual journey for Bryan as a composer, cellist, and father-to-be as he supported Minh through her pregnancy.

The album combines cello, vocals, and atmospheric synthesizers that help put his daughter in a state of sonic bliss. The musical textures are soft and lush, bathing listeners in a cocoon of warm harmonies and joyous melodies. The music is perfect for relaxation as well as matching the many different moods of a child.

We are very excited to share these songs with you and hope you and your children are transported to a state of enlightened tranquility when listening to this music.

Much love to you all and here's to hoping that Kaia likes the cello!


It’s finally here, after years of hard work, my band, You Bred Raptors?, released it’s 3rd full length album, Grant, on November 18, 2014. I wrote a lot of the songs on this album and I’m super proud of it. Make sure you give it a listen, I really think you’ll enjoy it!

New Track: Ice 9

So I’ve been working on this track off and on for a while and I’ve really been trying to pay attention to mixing and production. Since I grew up playing a wooden box, I never really had the background in recording, mixing, production, etc. I’ve been learning a lot lately in this realm and I feel like this track shows my progress. There’s definitely tons of room for improvement, but I’m moving in the right direction. Check it out.

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