Bryan Charles Wilson

Cellist. Composer. Educator. Author.


Bryan Charles Wilson Cello Studio

Bryan teaches students of all ages and skill levels on cello technique, repertoire, and musicality. He is based in Teaneck, NJ and teaches students at the Bryan Wilson Cello Studio, in the comfort of their own homes in North Jersey, or any location via Skype. Bryan works hard to foster the creative spirit in his students while simultaneously providing solid technical and classical training on the cello. Students love Bryan’s positive attitude and his commitment to music as a means of personal growth and self expression. An accomplished author, educator, composer, and cellist of many different genres, Bryan offers a uniquely modern perspective on the cello that is sure to inspire. A skilled improviser, he introduces students to the innovative and exciting roles that the cello can play in contemporary music.

Whether you have never picked up cello before or are looking to grow your knowledge and skill level, Bryan would love to teach you! Please contact him at


"Bryan is an extraordinary cellist, performer and teacher. We’ve had the great fortune of having

him as our daughter’s private instructor for the past five years. She has grown in skill level and

confidence thanks to Bryan’s gentle yet challenging approach to teaching. He is the best

investment we’ve made, and her interest in playing throughout college is definitely attributed to

the love and passion he exhibits as an instructor and performer."

-- Sebastian and Kesha Rodriguez, Teaneck, NJ

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