Bryan Charles Wilson

Cellist. Composer. Educator. Author.

New Track: Ice 9

So I’ve been working on this track off and on for a while and I’ve really been trying to pay attention to mixing and production. Since I grew up playing a wooden box, I never really had the background in recording, mixing, production, etc. I’ve been learning a lot lately in this realm and I feel like this track shows my progress. There’s definitely tons of room for improvement, but I’m moving in the right direction. Check it out.

Cello Lessons in Bergen County New Jersey

I just wanted to let all of you know that I offer cello lessons in Bergen County, New Jersey. I teach all skill levels and ages and can travel to you for in-home lessons! I give students a strong foundation in classical technique and repertoire, while simultaneously introducing them to improvisation and alternative styles of cello playing. Music is about expression and creativity and I help to foster these wonderful skills in every student I teach. So if you are in North Jersey and are interested in cello lessons, feel free to contact me at I’d love to teach you!

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